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workshop designed for
younger children

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Nursery / Pre-school Workshops

With this ADDITIONAL SERVICE your setting will be transformed for 2 ½ hours in a way that will delight you all.

We bring the outside inside with models and resources that will leave your children wide eyed. A van full of friends in all shapes and sizes.

Your workshop will meet a number of elements of the Early Years Foundation Stages curriculum (EYFS) and is suitable for all children over the age of 2. A qualified teacher will ensure that by using a free flow format your children can be introduced to dinosaurs, woodland creatures and farmyard animals at their own pace.

Children can even sit on ‘Steggle’ our 5 foot stegosaurus. He has a special saddle built in.

Everyone, including parents, grandparents and young siblings, welcome to come along and join in the fun. Why not get memorable photographs of your children.


What our customers say…

  1. “Don’t forget your camera! We managed to get some beautiful photographs of our daughter who absolutely loved the dinosaurs even though we had thought she might be scared.”


  1. “Ollie had such a brilliant way with the little ones. He seems to know how to educate and have loads of fun without it getting out of hand. We offered him a job but sadly he loves what he is doing too much.”

You, your children and parents will be 100% blown away.

Prices from £145 (plus VAT)*

This could be the BEST thing you do for your nursery/pre-school every few months and you can get a bonus workshop once a year.

To Book

Just email ollie.meaden@ophira.co.uk with your chosen date

Or if you want to find out if we are right for each other just get in touch!

FREE School Assembly! Your children will be delighted with an assembly in which the whole school can participate.